IONIC Engineering specializes in the design and construction of custom-built equipment for a variety of industrial applications, including cathode stripping, anode preparation, and specialized robotic handling systems.

With offices in Canada and Chile, IONIC Engineering breaks down barriers to accessing world-class expertise in mining technological solutions. With our team  engineering consultants and equipment manufacturers, we can quickly create innovative solutions on-site for any sector.

We offer consulting, automation, and various products to create a customized solution to your complex problems. Our control and automation systems can save you money, time, and create safer and more productive environments.

Our extensive experience with several industries includes mining and mineral processing, metals processing,  oil and gas, pulp and paper, and the automotive industries.

Steve Matusch, P.Eng., MBA

Eric Haapamaki, P.Eng.

General Manager – International Business Development, Mining Industry

Andre Dumais

General Manager

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